Registering for MRSEF - A STEM Wizard account is required.

We will not accept any physical paperwork for Fair participants.

Deadlines to be aware of:

Teacher/Student Registration in STEM Wizard by December 1, 2023.

Experiment information must be submitted electronically for review to the Office of Compliance by January 31, 2024 through STEM Wizard.

All forms must be submitted through your STEM Wizard Account no later than February 17, 2024.

Each entrant must complete the following:

STEM Wizard Information - Setting Up Teacher and Student Accounts

  1. Teachers must make an account on STEM Wizard site
  2. Student sets up their own account (no group/team projects allowed)
    1. Students follow the STEM Wizard link to set up their account (requires a student email and parent email addresses)
  3. Parents get an email from STEM Wizard to approve student participation
      1. If a parent does not have an email address, click on your student list in STEM Wizard and look for "Register New Student." You can manually register a student there, using a printed copy of the parent permission form.

Students STEM Wizard Steps:

  1. Student create an account and get parental approval
  2. Pick project name and category (we do not allow team projects)
  3. Answer STEM Wizard survey questions (their responses determine which forms are needed)
  4. Fill out research plan info (teacher reviews and students revise)
  5. Get signatures for any "extra" forms (SRC & IRB if required) - Deadline for SRC/IRB submission is January 31st, 2024
  6. Teacher Approves
  7. SRC/IRB Approval (If needed)
      1. Once SRC/IRB approved (if required) experimentation can begin

  8. Write project abstract
  9. Finish remaining steps in STEM Wizard
  10. Routinely check STEM Wizard for feedback from teacher and Fair administrator

Failure to follow proper registration or approval procedures will result in disqualification.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the student entrant and his/her teacher to read and understand our rules completely prior to beginning work on a project and to recognize any special approval and/or form requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the approval and documentation requirements of your specific research project, please contact Angela Williams (, Research Compliance & Assurance, at (251) 460-6509 prior to beginning any work on your project. These types of approvals require significant time, so please contact Ms. Williams between August 2023 and January 31, 2024 through STEM Wizard.

Because of the time constraints involved, we can not guarantee approval of any projects submitted after this date involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous substances or biological agents, or human and vertebrate animal tissues. 


Deadline to submit to Compliance for review is January 31, 2024.