Wellness Council and Student Leadership

The Wellness Council is the guiding body for the Wellness Program. Consisting of medical students and faculty advisors, the Wellness Council advocates for medical student wellness by creating initiatives and events for students, overseeing the Wellness Houses, and increasing awareness of barriers to wellness. The Wellness Council sends student representatives to serve on other College of Medicine committees (e.g. Student Affairs Committee, Curriculum Committee) to keep student wellness in mind while making fundamental and formative decisions for the College of Medicine. For more information on the Wellness Council, contact Dr. Becky Smith at beckysmith@southalabama.edu.


Wellness Officers

Class of

Evan Dixon
Sarah Fillingam
Meg Lyons
Nicholas Viyuoh

Class of

Tiara Dean
Renee Ivy
Lauren Mussell
John Paul Saway
Lameace Sayegh

Class of

Nick Friend
Hope Harris
Jess Irvin
Kara Nix

Class of

Harris Bolus
Jonathan Hubbert
Ginger Llivina
Macy Mccollister

Basic Medical Sciences

Sage Garriss
Marlo Thompson


Faculty Advisors

Dr. TJ Hundley

Dr. T.J. Hundley

Associate Dean, Medical Education

Dr. Kelly Roveda

Dr. Kelly Roveda

Associate Dean, Student Affairs

(251) 460-7174 

Dr. Becky Smith

Dr. Becky Smith

Health and Wellness Counselor