Gerontology Program

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Dr. Roma Hanks


Dr. Roma Stovall Hanks, Program Director and Academic Advisor
Dr. Min





Dr. Hosik Min, Assistant Director and Academic Advisor 


Welcome to the University of South Alabama and the Gerontology Program. We are pleased that you are interested in our program. The University of South Alabama offers Certificates in Gerontology at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels and an Interdisciplinary Minor in Gerontology.

Gerontology is the interdisciplinary study of:

  1. The human life cycle
  2. Issues related to aging
  3. The relationships between the generations

The Gerontology program is designed to establish an expertise that will enhance and compliment the analytical skills that the student acquires as part of the major area of study. This expertise may be used as preparation to specialize within the career area related to the student's major area of study or to pursue further academic training in graduate or medical school. Special topics courses and online instruction are available.

Depending on their specific needs and interests, students may be able to complete requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology through distance learning options. Students who are interested in pursuing the undergraduate certificate online should speak with their academic advisor and the Gerontology program director.

The Degree Works audit tool lists the Gerontology Certificates as programs. Students should alert their advisors to check that they are enrolled in a Gerontology Certificate program (Graduate or Undergraduate). In order to receive the printed Gerontology Certificate, the student must submit a completed Data Sheet and Application available at The certificate is not automatically issued without an application.