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Phil Carr

Dr. Philip J. Carr
Professor of Anthropology and Director, Archaeology Museum

Research: Archaeological Method and Theory, Southeastern Native Americans, Cultural Resource Management, Museums

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 461-1948

Office: HUMB 13

Dr. K. Chimène Gecewicz

Dr. K. Chimène Gecewicz
Adjunct in Anthropology

Research: Second Language Acquisition, Internationalization in Higher Ed, Multicultural Education, Sojourners, Cultural Contact, Social Justice Pedagogy, Active Learning

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7185

Office: AHE 230


Dr. Lesley A. Gregoricka
Professor of Anthropology

Research: Bioarchaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Residential Mobility, Paleodiet, Mortuary Archaeology, Social Organization, Identity, Near East, Arabia

Curriculum Vitae 

(251) 460-6901

Office: HUMB 22

Bioanthropology Lab: ARC2 5


Dr. Mark A. Moberg
Professor of Anthropology

Research:  Political Economy, Neoliberalism, Fair Trade, Agriculture, Caribbean and Central America

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6912

Office: HUMB 12

Dr. Erin Nelson

Dr. Erin Nelson
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Research: North American Archaeology, Native American Cultures of the Southeastern United States, Landscape Archaeology, Community and Identity, Ancient Foodways

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6187

Office: HUMB 34


Dr. Gregory A. Waselkov
Emeritus Professor of Anthropology

Research: Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology of Eastern North America, French Colonial Archaeology, Southeastern Indian Ethnohistory, Historic Creek Archaeology

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6911

Office: ARCM 103