Native American Student Association

Dr. Carr stranding with students at Native American display.


Mission of the Native American Student Association

The mission of NASA is to create awareness and opportunities to gain knowledge of Native Americans and their culture, as well as to support students of Native American and Alaskan Indian descent. NASA holds social events and promote awareness through relevant activities such as lectures, panel discussions, documentary showings, and so on. NASA is also involved in community service and workings with local Tribes.

News and Upcoming Events 

The University of South Alabama is introducing a Native American Studies minor through the Native American Studies Program:


Course information and degree requirements can be found below at the link below:

Minor in Native American Studies



The Native American Studies Minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the experience of the Indigenous people of North America through courses in the humanities and social sciences. Employing course work across various disciplines, the minor examines both historical and contemporary issues from the perspective of Native Americans. The Native American Studies minor allows students to augment a wide range of majors, and position them for employment in government, education, and other areas by providing an increased understanding of the unique history, cultural traditions, and political status of Native Americans.


For further information about the program contact Dr. Philip Carr, Native American Studies Program, Department of Anthropology, HUMB21 University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002. Phone (251) 461-1948, E-mail address: