Dr. Molly Miller

Dr. Molly Miller

Assistant Professor
Marine and Environmental Sciences


  • Assistant Professor, Teaching

  • Ph.D. 2018, Marine Science, University of South Alabama

  • M.S. 2010, Biology, University of South Alabama

  • B.S. 2006, Biology, University of South Alabama

Emphasis: teaching undergraduate marine and environmental science courses; ecophysiology of aquatic plants and harmful algae; toxin production in HAB species;  community outreach and education

Research Interests

My research interests understanding the ecophysiology of problematic primary producers (e.g., invasive species, harmful algae, etc.) and how that drives their biology, ecology, and toxicology. I am also interested in understanding environmental drivers influencing the occurrence and distribution of these organisms throughout the coastal mixing zone in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Lastly, I am interested in community outreach and education to effectively communicate the important work we do.

Courses Taught

  • MAS 332 Marine Science II (Chemical and Biological Oceanography)

  • MAS 334 L Marine Science II Lab

  • ENV 338 Environmental Science II (Intro to Environmental Chemistry)

  • ENV 338 L Environmental Science II Lab

  • MAS 510 Oceanography & Marine Biology