Core Courses

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 Requirements for the Foreign Languages Major

  • 2.0 GPA or better.
  • At least 120 total hours. (NOTE: Even if all other requirements are met, you might need additional hours. You must have 120 to graduate.)
  • 30 hours of upper-division coursework at USA.
  • 15 hours of core Foreign Languages courses common to all FLL majors at USA
  • 24 hours of courses in the language of concentration (French, German, Russian, or Spanish) 
  • 9 hours of 300+ electives taken at a host institution in a country corresponding to the language of concentration. 
  • Minor field, other than Foreign Languages (21 credit hours) OR taking another language concentration (24 credit hours). 

Required core courses

Courses Credit Hours
LG 110 (World Languages) 3 Credit Hours
LG 205 (W) (Literature in Translation) 3 Credit Hours
IS 100 (Global Issues) 3 Credit Hours
EH 235 (World Litt I) 3 Credit Hours
IST 100 1 Credit Hour
LG 480 (Senior Seminar) 3 Credit Hours
Total 16 credit Hours 

For a list of courses specific to each concentration, check its major and minor requirements pages. .

Suggested Academic Plan 

Below is a suggested academic plan for completing the core requirements for the Foreign Languages major. However, in order to establish a plan best suited to your situation, please schedule an appointment with an advisor at the department by contacting Ms. Alyxandria Hicks at

Courses Semester
LG 110 World Languages
+ Language and Gen. Ed. classes
Fall Semester Year 1
LG 205 (W) Literature in Translation
+Language and Gen. Ed. classes 
Spring Semester Year 1
IS 100 Global Issues 
+ Language and Gen. Ed. classes 
Fall Semester Year 2
Eh 235 World Literature I
+ Language and Gen. Ed. classes
Spring Semester Year 2
Language and Gen. Ed. Classes  Fall Semester Year 3
Language and Minor/Second Concentration Classes  Spring Semester Year 3
9 Hours of Study Abroad + IS 391 (0 Cr. Hours) Summer Semester of Year 2 or 3
LG 480 Senior Seminar 
+Language and Minor/Second Concentration Classes 
Fall Semester Year 4
Language and Minor/Second Concentration Classes  Spring Semester Year 4
Total 120 credit hours 

Gen Ed Requirements for College of Arts & Sciences

For more information on the General Education Requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences, please consult the USA Bulletin.