JagNet for USA Health System Employees


How can I get a JagNet Password?

You will need to be logged into your @health.southalabama.edu employee email account to retrieve an email access key.  If you are an active Health employee and are unable to access your @health.southalabama.edu email address, please contact HSIS IT support by calling (251) 445-9123.  Once you are able to log into your Health email account, click on the Get JagNet Password computer and key icon.

What is JagNet?

JagNet is the authentication system used to access many University systems, including JagMail (@southalabama.edu and @jagmail.southalabama.edu email), USAOnline, and PAWS via the Single Sign On (SSO) portal.

All students, faculty, and staff are assigned JagNet accounts. 

What is my Username in JagNet?

Most systems use your University J Number (aka Jag Number), but some will use the username portion of your email address or even your full email address. Your JagNet password is the same regardless of which form is used. 

Do I already have a JagNet Password?

If you currently can log into USAonline or have an @jagmail.southalabama.edu email account, you are already using your JagNet password.