CMS Introduction

Check out the new look and navigation of the USA website.  And, get ready to build and edit your own pages with templates available through the user-friendly WYSIWYG.

Get Acquainted

Take a look at the image to see all the new features of our USA Homepage.  

  1. Easy navigation at the top of the screen to access your frequently used logins and email along with quick access to other popular items likes maps and directories.
  2. Use the A-Z to find many items indexed throughout the website.
  3. Search to find anything!  Try it out.  The Google search will locate items from the original site as well as items which have transitioned to the new site.
  4. From anywhere on the new site, click on the USA Logo positioned in the header or footer and return to the homepage.
  5. Check out the "Audience" links -- Students, Parents, Faculty/Staff, etc.  Click to go to the actual page or find your link in the drop-down list.
  6. Also, for each audience page, there is also a customized A-Z Index link.
  7. Want a new view.  Select a different image using the rotator.
  8. There are three main sections in the content area of the page -- News Items, Upcoming Events, and Discovery.  
  9. And Discovery points newcomers to links they need right away.
  10. For the visual user, Connect makes it easy to access popular logins.
  11. YouTube videos are available to showcase our campus and events.
  12. When there is something special, see it In the Spotlight!
  13. The footer provides additional links you may need to access along with University contact information.
  14. Do you have the USA app on your mobile device? Get it here.
  15. Need to find a spot on campus, view any USA campus in satellite or map view.
  16. Finally, want to use social media?  You find all the appropriate links at the very bottom of the page.

How do I get started building my site?

more to come ...