Off Campus Outgoing Mail


The campus mail room will process all departmental mail, domestic and foreign, except C.O.D. which must be handled with any U.S. Post Office. The Mail Hub is responsible for collecting all letters, flats or parcels to be handled by USPS. Mail will be picked up from campus route stops by USA Mail Hub couriers on regular schedules each business day. The Mail Hub must have advance notice of unusually large mailings or heavy parcels so that arrangements for special pick-up can be made. No personal parcels or UPS; FedEx, packages will be picked up by the route courier. 


The Mail Hub is responsible for affixing postage to all departmental mail being sent off campus. If an envelope or parcel is not marked for classification, the Mail Hub will send the item at the first class postage rate.

Preparation of Outgoing Mail

Departments are responsible for the proper preparation of all official USA letters, flats and parcels originating from their offices. Please keep the following guidelines in mind to avoid unnecessary return of mail and postage charges.

In order to help avoid improper charges, outgoing mail must be separated three (3) ways with rubber bands around each bundle.

  1. Stamped mail
  2. Foreign (Review International Shipping Guidelines)
  3. University mail requiring meter stamp (no personal mail or inter-campus mail)
  4. Parcels (Shipping Declarations Form must be attached)

In order to ensure appropriate billing, indicate the department account number (FOAPAL) to be used in the upper right-hand corner of the top letter of each bundle or individual piece. 


White, standard sized envelopes should be used for letters which are to be posted. Flats (non-standard envelopes) should be manila envelopes. Red envelopes should not be used for mail which is to have postage applied by postage meter machine because the postage cannot be seen. 

Standard Sized Envelopes and Post Cards

Letters and post cards smaller than 3-1/2" high by 5" long will not be accepted by the U.S. Postal Service. Any letters or post cards which are smaller than the minimum acceptable size will be returned to the department. All postage and shipping rates can be found here.


Use a corrugated carton. Choose one in good rigid condition with all the top and bottom flaps intact. Remove any old addresses from the carton and pack the contents with plenty of cushioning. Address information should be clearly printed or typed on an address label and placed in the center of the box. Use a filament-reinforced tape to seal and reinforce your package (Scotch and masking tape are not acceptable). Avoid twine and cord, as they tend to get caught in mail processing equipment. Also, whenever possible, avoid using wrapping paper outside your package. 

Only parcels shipped via USPS will be picked up by the route courier and each must have a shipping declaration form attached. Personal parcels will not be picked up. You must contact UPS and FedEx directly to arrange a pickup.


All envelopes and packages must have the complete return address (in the upper left-hand corner) indicating the departments. All outgoing mail should have complete mailing address including ZIP code.

Foreign Addresses

Before preparing letters or packages, it is important to review and follow the University International Shipping Guidelines as well as USPS Shipping Guidelines.

The shipper must complete the International Shipping Export Control Review Worksheet to help ensure those shipping internationally do not inadvertently violate export or trade laws. 

  • Failure to follow requirements for international shipping can lead to violations of federal laws including:
  • Civil penalties up to $300,000 per violation
  • Criminal penalties up to $1 million per violation and/or up to 20 years in prison
  • False export declarations fines of $10,000

Be sure to check with the USA Mail Hub, as many foreign countries have different mail classifications, restrictions, and non-mailable items-including no service to some countries.

Mail addressed to countries outside of the United States must have the address printed or typed in Roman capital letters and Arabic numerals. The complete address must include the name of the addressee, house number, street address or box number, city, province and country. All non-English addresses must be interlined with an English translation of the destination, post office, province and country.