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In the War and Memory Podcast, we interview scholars, writers, activists, and museum directors, who share their insights about how we remember war. You can click on the links below to listen to each episode.


Episode 10: Pat Cesarini, March 2024


Susan McCready sits down with Pat Cesarini, Associate Professor of English at USA to discuss Mobile's Admiral Semmes monument and public memory. 


Episode 9: David Messenger and Madison Nicholson February 2024


Susan McCready talks with David Messenger, War & Memory co-director and chair of History, and USA student Madison Nicholson about the historical research behind the Center's Mapping Confederate Memory exhibit.  .

Jennifer Haytock

Episode 8: Jennifer Haytock, April 2018


Frye Gaillard speaks with Jennifer Haytock, Professor of English at the College at Brockport, SUNY and author of the forthcoming Routledge Introduction to American War Literature, about American war literature across the centuries.

Martin Parsons

Episode 7: Martin Parsons, March 2018


Historian Martin Parsons talks with guest host Steven Trout about the evacuation of British children during the Second World War. He discusses the lasting trauma suffered by the evacuees and children in later conflicts who became the "invisible casualties" of war.

Mike Bunn

Episode 6: Mike Bunn, February 2018


Mike Bunn, Director of the Historic Blakeley State Park, near Spanish Fort, Alabama talks with guest host Steve Trout about the Civil War Battle of Blakeley, Civil War memory, and historic preservation.

Douglas Bristol

Episode 5: Douglas Bristol, November 2017

Historian Douglas Bristol of the Dale Center for the Study of War and Society at the University of Southern Mississippi speaks with guest host Susan McCready about integration in the US military from Truman's 1948 executive order that ended the segregation of African-American troops, through Trump's order to bar transgender troops from serving. The discussion touches on the expansion of military roles for women and Don't Ask Don't Tell in the context of broader societal changes. 

Mara Kozelsky

Episode 4: Mara Kozelsky, October 2017


Susan McCready sits in for Frye Gaillard to talk with historian Mara Kozelsky about the 2017 Centennial of the Russian Revolution. How is post-Soviet Russia commemorating the war that brought an end to the tsars? Spoiler alert: Twitter is involved.

Janet Cobb

Episode 3: Jennifer Haytock, April 2018


Frye Gaillard chats with Major General Janet Cobb, Executive Director of the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park about this important site of memory on the Causeway.

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Episode 2: Robert Adams, November 2016


Frye Gaillard sits down with Robert Adams, a veteran of the US War in Vietnam to talk about a special reading group in which veterans discuss war literature.

Book Cover for Battle over Peleliu

Episode 1: Stephen Murray, May 2016


Frye Gaillard talks with Stephen C. Murray about the 1944 Battle of Peleliu in the Palau archipelago and the memory of this chapter of the Second World War among the Japanese and Americans who fought the battle and among the Peleliu islanders, whose home was devastated by the battle. Stephen Murray is the author of The Battle over Peleliu, University of Alabama Press, 2016.


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