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CoTL Conference Pedagogy

As a partnership between South Alabama and regional institutions, CoTL reaches a diverse audience of educators and scholars who convene, either virtually or physically, to share and engage with innovative instructional practices. To facilitate this knowledge exchange, CoTL has developed a conference pedagogy that is grounded in scholarship, community, and inclusivity. From presentation theme selection to venue organization and set-up, the following principles of the CoTL conference pedagogy are present within each conference component:

▼   The foundation of CoTL is in Teaching and Learning

The foundation of CoTL is in Teaching and Learning.
Central to the purpose of CoTL is the dissemination and discussion of innovative instructional practices and diverse approaches to promote student success. The conference follows a scholarly approach in that the sessions stem from relevant research and highlight practical and accessible implications for the classroom or institution at large. 

▼   CoTL is successful due to a partnership

CoTL is a success due to a partnership between South Alabama and Spring Hill College, University of Mobile, and Pathway USA community colleges including Bishop State, Coastal Alabama, Mississippi Gulf Coast. 
With attendees coming from a range of institutions, sessions and discussions reflect this diversity through creative solutions that target diverse student needs. The conference provides a space for participants to network and engage in respectful conversations that welcome varied opinions about teaching and learning in a range of learning environments.

▼   CoTL welcomes a diverse audience
CoTL welcomes a diverse audience by fostering inclusivity through varied opportunities of engagement. 
The selected presentation formats and material sharing aim to elevate the (virtual) conference environment and provide a variety of ways for participants to interact with the content and each other, such as by providing constructive feedback to the presenters and engaging with session activities. Additionally, CoTL has intentionally included networking opportunities in both synchronous and asynchronous modalities. 


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