Office Norms

Professional and Accountable

  • We do what's right and​​ work as a team to find solutions
  • ​We treat others with courtesy while exhibiting an​ ​attitude of excellence

Support and Help Others

  • We promote growth and development
  • We welcome constructive feedback
  • We encourage honesty and empowerment

Think Forward

  • We are intelligent and strategic in day-to-day encounters
  • We are committed to being our best while adapting to an ever-changing environment

Respect Others

  • We acknowledge achievements and appreciate all stakeholders
  • We value the abilities, qualities, and contributions of everyone


  • We stay curious, encourage discussion, and practice mindful listening to seek a better understanding
  • We seek alternative approaches to gain respect and create partnerships in communications

Build Trust

  • We exhibit confidence in our own and each other's abilities
  • We are transparent and consistent in our deliverables

Encourage Different Perspectives

  • We choose inclusive conversations and strive for creative outcomes
  • We practice awareness and critical thinking thus driving innovation
  • We believe diversity within the team enhances performance and provides a competitive advantage