Health Systems Grant Administration and Development Office

  • USA awarded $1.43 million, selected as clinical site for dementia study.
  • Santanu Dasgupta, Ph.D., assistant professor of pathology along with other researchers has identified a potential biomarker.
  • Researchers identify novel risk predictor of prostate cancer aggressiveness and racially disparate outcomes
  • Dr. Perkins in white coat with stethoscope around his neck.
  • Glen Borchert, Ph.D., in the lab collecting data.
  • Marie Migaud, Ph.D. and Faisal Hayat, Ph.D. will test means to reduce cellular and tissue damage in space travelers.
  • Ajay Singh, Ph.D., is investigating a potential tool for pancreatic cancer diagnosis.
  • Glen Borchert, Ph.D.,  works to better understand enhancer DNA sequences.
  • Glen Borchert, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmacology, is studying the survival of Salmonella bacteria during cellular stress.
  • Meghan Hermance,Ph.D., is studying the infection dynamics of an emerging tick-borne virus called severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus or SFTSV.
  • Mike Lin, Ph.D., is examining impaired cognitive function in patients with hospital-acquired pneumonia.
  • Meghan Hermance, Ph.D., discusses new research on the disease-spreading parasites for the CDC podcast Emerging Infectious Disease.
  • Physician-scientist Ji Young Lee, M.D., Ph.D. working in lab.
  • Dr. Dasgupta working in lab.
  • Kevin Lee, Ph.D., assistant professor of research, works in a lab at the Mitchell Cancer Institute.
  • Meghan Hermance, Ph.D., assistant professor of microbiology and immunology, shown working in the lab, was awarded a two-year grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
  • Research assistant Viktoriya Pastukh, research technologist Natalya Kozhukhar, and Mikhail Alexeyev, Ph.D., professor of physiology and cell biology, seek to better understand how mitochondrial DNA replicates.
  • Monika Danchenko, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow in microbiology and immunology, is studying the saliva of fleas to determine how pathogens are transmitted.  Thanks.
  • Amy R. Nelson, Ph.D., assistant professor of physiology and cell biology, is investigating if pericyte dysfunction may cause reduced blood flow in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Aishwarya Prakash, Ph.D., assoc. prof. of biochemistry and molecular biology, is collaborating with researchers to uncover the genetic and environmental causes of lupus.
  • In this pre-pandemic file photo, Jonathan Rayner, Ph.D., associate professor of microbiology and immunology at the USA College of Medicine, studies vector-borne diseases.
  • Dr. Jonathan Rayner working in lab.
  • Robert A. Barrington, Ph.D speaking with another man in white coats in lab.
  • Mikhail Alexeyev, Ph.D., professor of physiology and cell biology at the USA College of Medicine, places a sample in the Seahorse XFe24 extracellular flux analyzer as Domenic Spadafora, Ph.D., manager of the flow cytometry facility at the USA College of Medicine, and research technician Nataliya Kozhukhar look on.
  • Thomas Rich, Ph.D., professor of pharmacology at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine (far left), and Silas Leavesley, Ph.D., associate professor of chemical and bimolecular engineering at USA (far right), work in an engineering lab with Craig Browning, a doctoral student in the science systems engineering program at USA.
  • Dr. Errol Crook, center, professor and Abraham Mitchell Chair of Internal Medicine at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, director of the USA Center for Healthy Communities, and principal investigator for the All of Us Research Program at USA, speaks at the news conference.
  • Dr. Allen Perkins, professor and chair of family medicine at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, recently received a $100,000 grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for the training of individuals who deliver and/or support the treatment of opioid use disorder. The funding is part of the Department of Health and Human Services’ overall strategy to fight the opioid epidemic.
  • Center for Healthy Communities Hosts Forum on Community-Engaged Scholarship
  • Researchers at USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute are investigating exosomes’ multifaceted roles in cancer and their use as data-rich resources for discovering biomarkers for cancer.
  • Dr. Ji Young Lee, assistant professor of physiology, cell biology and internal medicine at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, recently received a $231,000 three-year Career Development Award from the American Heart Association. The grant will allow Dr. Lee to study the effects of acidosis on pneumonia.
  • Dr. Mike Lin, left, and Dr. Ron Balczon work in Dr. Lin's lab at the USA College of Medicine. They are conducting research into a possible link between hospital-acquired bacterial pneumonia and cognitive impairment.


Mission Statement

We partner with faculty and staff of the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health along with USA Health and the Mitchell Cancer Institute to provide our expertise during the research administration lifecycle of external and internal sponsored activities. 

Vision Statement 

To be ambassadors focusing and leveraging our knowledge to enhance the university community by upholding standards of excellence.

Strategic Priorities

  • Investigation, evaluation and distribution of grant opportunities
  • Develop, review and process grant applications utilizing the Cayuse Research Suite
  • Develop, review and submit progress reports and other post-award items as needed
  • Administer the COM Dean’s Intramural Grants Program utilizing the Info Ready system
  • Liaison between faculty and sponsoring agencies
  • Provide technical support to faculty and staff in all aspects of the grant/contract administration process, including re-budgeting requests, time extensions, carryover of funds, agency certification requirements, submission of final reports, invention reports and relinquishment statements
  • Responsible for the submission of contracts via the Attorney’s Office agreement approval and tracking system
  • Responsible for the submission of consulting agreements and guest speaker agreements to the Contract Officer
  • Provide monthly financial statements and expenditure analysis to faculty and staff utilizing the Banner Financial System
  • Coordination and administration of post-award procedures and activities in compliance with cost accounting standards
  • Work closely with the College of Medicine Business Office and the Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting to ensure compliance with University and agency business practices, procedures, and regulations
  • Responsible for evaluation and confirmation of Personnel Activity Reports
  • Responsible for development and submission of Personnel Action Forms as related to sponsored activities
  • Provide in-service training on all aspects of the grant process
  • Conduct conferences with faculty and external cooperating agencies
  • Assist other departments in developing their own systems and procedures
  • Encourage best practices and consistent reporting
  • Work with the Attorney’s Office and the Office of Sponsored Projects to negotiate contracts and subcontracts
  • Liaison with the Office of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration to report inventions 
  • Assist COM Office of Faculty Affairs and Dean’s Office to facilitate research related faculty development programs
  • Partner in conjunction with Grants and Contracts Accounting to negotiate and develop service centers