Room Furniture

Dorm room showing two beds.
All residence hall rooms are furnished with a bed frame (adjustable height), mattress, desk, chair, and closet or wardrobe per student. Additionally, each room comes with its own fridge or mini-fridge (size depends on the room type).  All furniture must stay in your room. Removing any furniture from your room may result in a charge. All residence hall beds are capable of being bunked. Please find the dimensions of our two bed sizes below. 

Contact the Housing Facilities Office at / (251) 460-7655 to request bed-bunking service or to report any furniture damages.

extra long twin bed
Extra-Long Twin Size Bed
full size bed
Full Size Bed


How to Change the Height of Your Bed

You will need:

  • Rubber mallet
  • One friend


  1. Take the mattress off your bed.
  2. To loosen the bed platform from the headboards take the rubber mallet and tap up, under each corner of the bed platform where it is attached to the bed post.
  3. Repeat #2 to work all four corners loose.
  4. When corners are loose, with your friend at one end of bed and you at the other end, place your hands on bed platform in between the posts, lift and release bed platform hook plate from headboard channel pin.
  5. Determine rung height desired and place hook plate into headboard channel one side at a time. It helps to tilt headboard at slight angle to ease each hook plate into desired channel pin.
  6. With rubber mallet tap each corner of bed frame into "locked position".
  7. Contact the Housing Facilities Office with any questions or concerns about this process.