Financial Policies


  • Pre-Occupancy Cancellations: Students may cancel their contract at any time prior to taking occupancy of a room for that contract term (have not signed for a key or moved in) by going to the 'Cancel Contract' step online in the MyUSAHousing portal.
  • Post-Occupancy Cancellations: Once occupancy is taken (possession of room key or moved in), cancellation is not guaranteed. Any student wishing to cancel their housing contract should submit a 'Request to Cancel' in the MyUSAHousing portal.

Contract Cancellation Fee

Semester Received By Charge Received Charge Received Charge
Academic Year 2022-2023 5/1/2022 $50.00 5/2/2022-7/1/2022 $100.00 After 7/1/2022 $150.00
Spring Only 2023 12/1/2022 $75.00 After 12/1/2022 $150.00    
May Semester 2023 5/1/2023 $75.00 After 5/1/2023 $150.00    
Summer 2023 5/1/2023 $75.00 After 5/1/2023 $150.00    
July Only 2023 6/15/2023 $75.00 After 6/15/2023 $150.00    
Academic Year 2023-2024 5/1/2023 $50.00 5/2/2023-7/1/2023 $100.00 After 7/1/2023 $150.00

Offset of Funds

If a student's University account has an outstanding balance due, of any nature, including departmental fines and the University has in its possession any funds payable to the student (from payments or credits applied to the student's account, payroll checks, and/or any other source, except federal financial aid awards), the University reserves the right to withhold the funds necessary to clear the student's outstanding balance and to cover any collection costs incurred. Once those amounts are paid, any remaining funds are paid to the student.

Payment Deadline & Payment Plan

Click here to find the correlating deadline(s) that room and meal plan charges must be paid in full by.

Residents who do not meet the payment deadline will be subject to the room removal process as indicated in the
Housing Community Standards

Payment Plan:

To help you manage your student account balance, USA now offers a convenient, interest-free payment plan for tuition, housing and dining fees. This option provides flexibility of making monthly payments without applying for a student loan. There are no credit checks or interest payments associated with this payment plan. Simply sign up through your PAWS account and pay the one-time nonrefundable enrollment fee of $35.00.

Click here to review more information about the University's Payment Plan or call Student Accounting 251-460-6195. Students can enroll in a payment plan now by visiting their PAWS account online.

Room Charge and Meal Plan Refunds

Within the first forty-five (45) calendar days of the published residence hall opening date each semester, housing and meals – excluding Bonus Bucks – will be prorated based on the date the student properly checks-out. No adjustment to housing and meal plan charges will be made thereafter. Proper check-out procedures can be reviewed on the Housing website. The break housing rate (currently $20 per night) will be charged for periods between semesters.

Bonus Buck usage will be charged through the third week of classes. Bonus Bucks will be charged in full after the third week of classes and will be available for use until the end of the spring semester. At the point a student withdraws from the University or becomes non-enrolled, Bonus Bucks will no longer be available for use. A contract cancellation fee will be charged when applicable.

Withdrawn from the University

In order to be eligible for University housing, a student must be enrolled at the University of South Alabama. At the point a student is no longer enrolled (including online courses), the student should submit their cancellation request online as soon as they become non-enrolled within the MyUSAHousing portal. Students will receive the status of their cancellation request via JagMail. If your request is approved, you will be charged a contract cancellation fee based upon the contract term and the date of submission.