Registrar eForms

Academic Bankruptcy
Academic Bankruptcy Form (PDF)
Academic Program Request

Academic Program Request Form (PDF)

-- Degree Works (Undergraduates Only) (PDF)

Academic Reboot Policy And Petition
Academic Reboot Policy And Petition (PDF)
Banner Access
Banner Security Access Form for Student System (PDF)
Change of Name
Change of Name Form (PDF)
Preferred Name Change Form (PDF)
Change of Program
Change of Program Form (PDF)
Petition for Change of Graduate Program (PDF)
Degree Works
Degree Works Security Request Form (PDF)
General Education Exception Form
Guidelines for Making Degree Works Exceptions
Request to Add Undergraduate Academic Program to Degree Works (PDF)
Request for Scribe changes in Degree Works (PDF)
Enrollment/Degree Verification
Verification Request Form (PDF)
FERPA Authorization
FERPA Authorization Form (PDF)
Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information (PDF)
Grade Forms
Change of Grade Form (PDF)
Credit by Examination (PDF)
Grade Replacement Form (PDF)
Request for Extension of Time (PDF)
Graduate Level Course for Undergraduate Degree
Graduate Level Course for Undergraduate Degree (PDF)

Diploma Mail Address Change Form (PDF)

Late Graduation Application (PDF)

Reissued Diploma Order Form - Submit online/pay with credit card

Schedule Change Request (PDF)
Residency Application Forms

Residency Application through Slate

Start South
Start South Grade Opt-Out Form (PDF)
Transcript Request Form (PDF)
Transient Credit
Transient Credit Approval Form (PDF)

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