University Committee on Diversity

The charge of the University Committee on Diversity is to identify and develop creative strategies and initiatives to promote excellence in the campus climate and workplace for all faculty, staff, and students.

Committee Membership: Department
Dr. Joel Billingsley, Chair
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Delaware Arif
Department of Communication
Camille Bonura
Student Government Association
Nicole Carr
Student Academic Success
Richard Carter
Global USA
Dr. Anjanetta Davis
Simulation Program
Kristin Dukes
Office of General Counsel
Charles Guest
Academic Affairs
Dr. Heather Hall
College of Nursing
Delisa Johnson
New Student Orientation
Zoya Khan
Modern & Classical Languages & Literature
Dr. Juan Mata
Biological Sciences
Dr. Michael Mitchell
Student Affairs
Pamela Moor
Counseling and Instructional Sciences
Dr. Harold Pardue
Academic Affairs
Kimberly Pettway
Social Work
Andrea Rosler
USA Health
Dr. Jonathan G. Scammell
College of Medicine
Dr. Shanda Scott
College of Nursing
Dr. April Taylor
Department of Communication
Franklin Trimm
USA Health
Dr. Alvin Williams
Mitchell College of Business
Clement Williams