Recommended Health Screenings by Age and Gender

Men and women ages 18-39 should be screened annually for the following:

  • weight and height
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol (only if there are known issues, otherwise every 5 years)
  • skin lesions and moles that look suspicious 
  • diabetes
  • immunizations
  • depression
  • blood work
  • any other health problems that are prominent in your family 

Extra Screenings for Women Ages 18-39

  • cervical cancer (pap smear every 3 years)
  • breast exam at home once a month and by a clinical provider once a year

Extra Screenings for Men Ages 18-39

  • testicular exam (self-exams can be done as well)

Men and women ages 40 to 64 should be screened for the following:

  • shingles vaccine – two doses separated by 2-6 months after the age of 50
  • flu shot – annually 
  • colorectal screening – after age 50 unless other problems are present
  • colonoscopy – may be needed based on medical history 
  • osteoporosis – after age 50 with risk factors
  • lung cancer – annually if a past smoker
  • mental health assessment 

Extra Screenings for Women Ages 40 to 64

  • annual blood work
  • mammogram – annually or bi-annually based on risk factors
  • pelvic exam - every 3 years unless issues are present 

Extra Screenings for Men Ages 40 to 64

  • prostate exam – after age 50 unless problems are present 

Men and Women 65 and older should be screened annually for the following:

  • colorectal cancer – baseline test if not done previously and continued tests based on results 
  • height and weight – increased importance after 65 as shrinking can be a sign of osteoporosis 
  • fall prevention – baseline and then screening as needed 
  • mental health assessment 
  • high dose flu vaccine

Extra Screenings for Women Age 65 and Older

  • cervical cancer
  • osteoporosis – baseline screening and additional screening based on results 

Extra Screenings for Men Age 65 and Older

  • prostate – annually 
  • osteoporosis – every 5 years after baseline is established