Dean's Office Faculty & Staff

Name Contact Information Categories Index
Ayers, Janet
Assistant to the Dean
Janet Ayers
MCOB 108
(251) 460-6419
staff, dean's office A
Backlin, Rachel
Programs Specialist, Dean’s office
Rachel Backlin
MCOB 118
(251) 414-8091
staff, dean's office B

Cummings, Reid
Associate Professor,  Economics, Finance & Real Estate

Interim Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs

MCOB 126
(251) 460-6710
economics & finance, dean's office C
Hayes, Robin
Academic Records Specialist
Robin Hayes
MCOB 117
(251) 414-8088
staff, dean's office H
Pennywell, Gwendolyn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,  Economics, Finance & Real Estate, Interim Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs Pennywell
MCOB 336
(251) 460-1560
economics & finance, dean's office P
Potter, David
Director, Academic Advising
David Potter
MCOB 110
staff, dean's office P
Stupavsky, Jana
Instructor,  Management
Jana Stupavasky
MCOB 129
(251) 460-6702
management, staff, dean's office S
Tashbin, G.
Instructor, Management G. Tashbin
MCOB 157
(251) 460-7228
dean's office, management, staff T
Williams, Alvin J., Ph.D.
Interim Dean & Chair, Marketing and Quantitative Methods
MCOB 354
(251) 460-1792 
marketing & quantitative method, dean's office W
Woodford, Kelly, JD
Associate Dean, Mitchell College of Business
MCOB 133
(251) 460-6723 
management, dean's office W