Advisory Board

The purpose of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee is to provide insight and guidance on the strategic direction of USA's Office of CME. Members from multiple disciplines and positions within the healthcare system serve as representatives and liaisons for their departments, and community programs, advocates for CME and final arbiters in disputes on regulatory requirements.

Members include physicians, physician assistants, nurses, social workers, and other allied health professionals involved in CME and leadership from compliance, hospital, and health-system units. Members serve a three-year term, allowing new faces and new ideas to contribute to the board. The board meets quarterly to discuss upcoming events, criteria, standards, mission statement, and how best to meet each.

Meeting Schedule

University Hospital         Zoom      12:00 p.m.     Wednesday

March 10, 2021    *    June 2, 2021      *    September 1, 2021    *    December 8, 2021

March 9, 2022      *    June 8, 2022      *    September 14, 2022  *    December 14, 2022

CME Committee / Advisory Board Members

Term Expires June 30 each year.

Roca Garcia, Maria, MD - Pediatrics 2023                         Chair

Roote, Cassie, RN - Risk Management Specialist 2022     Co-Chair

Omar, Bassam, MD - Internal Medicine 2021

Carter, Elliott, MD (Vice Chair) - Pathology 2022

Gavrilita, Cristina, MD - Pediatrics 2022

Kilgo, William, MD - Neurology 2022

Preudhomme, Daniel, MD - Pediatrics 2022

Ballard, Haley, MD - Internal Medicine 2023

Bassam, Bassam, MD - Neurology 2022

Davis, Nita, MD - Pediatrics 2023

Manci, Elizabeth, MD - Pathology 2023 

Al Jaber, Eamd, MD - Internal Medicine 2024

Awan, Ghulam, MD - Internal Medicine 2024

Butts, Caleb, MD - Surgery 2024

Hunter, John, MD - Surgery 2024

Klecker, Rosemary, MD - Pediatrics 2024

Marri, Preethi, MD - Pediatrics 2024

Ex Officio, voting members
Sharon Ezelle, RN

Director, Care Mgmt./Social Services, Quality Indef
Assurance, University Hospital
Ex Officio, non-voting members
Sharrie Cranford, LICSW, PIP, MS - Director, Office of CME 

Morgan, Carletta - CME Program Assistant

Kim Hodges - Secretary


Patient Representatives
Judy Burnham    2023
Tommy Carlisle  2023