Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree Requirements

General Education Requirement - 41 hours
Area I Written Composition (Six semester hours) Six semester hours in written composition
Area II Humanities and Fine Arts (Twelve semester hours)  Three semester hours required in Literature
Three semester hours required in the Arts
The remaining hours can be taken from the following: Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Speech, Foreign Language, Art, Music, Theatre
(Students must complete a six hour sequence in either Literature or History and must complete one course that demonstrates competency in oral communication.)
Area III Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Eleven semester hours) Three semester hours in Math at the pre-calculus algebra level or finite mathematics level
Eight semester hours in the natural sciences which must include laboratory experience. These sciences can be taken from the following: Biological Anthropology, Geography, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics
Area IV  History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (Twelve semester hours) Three semester hours required in History
Nine semester hours required from among the following disciplines: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, & Sociology (HTM requires ECO 215 or ECO 216 for 3 hrs) (Students must complete a six hour sequence in either History or Literature.)
Major Core Requirement - 49 hours
Lower Division Coursework
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting I (3 hrs) OR HTM 445 HTM Financial Reporting (3 hrs)
HTM 200 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry (3 hrs)
HTM 210 Food and Beverage Services Management (3 hrs)
HTM 220 Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events (3 hrs)
LS 292 Outdoor Recreation and Adventure (3 hrs)
Upper Division Coursework
HTM 310 Global Leadership for HTM Professionals (3 hrs)
HTM 315 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing (C) (3 hrs)
HTM 350 Introduction to Hospitality Management (3 hrs)
HTM 396 HTM Professional Conduct and Career Planning (3 hrs)
HTM 400 Legal Issues in Hospitality and Tourism (3 hrs)
HTM 410 Sustainable-& Eco-tourism (4 hrs)
HTM 435 Quality Service Management (W) (3 hrs)
HTM 440 Lodging Management (3 hrs)
LS 300 Global Tourism (3 hrs)
Capstone Sequence Requirement
HTM 496 Internship in HTM I (W) (3 hrs)
HTM 498 Internship in HTM II (3 hrs)
HTM 380 Research in HTM I (W) (3 hrs)
HTM 430 Research in HTM II (3 hrs)
Elective Requirement - 30 hours
Any academic course credits taken at, or accepted as a transfer by, USA, may be used to meet elective requirements. Only 60 credit hours from a community college may be transferred to USA, and no more than 90 credit hours from a four-year university may be transferred. To receive a degree from USA, a minimum of 30 credit hours must be completed in residence at the 300/400 level. 
Free Elective credits may be used to complete minors, though a minor is not required by this program. Any approved minor at USA will be accepted. A student may find that a minor in Leisure Studies (21 hrs.); Communication (21 hrs.); General Business (18 hrs.); General Management (18 hrs.); or Marketing (18 hrs.) may be of value to HTM majors.


Eco-Tourism Historical, Cultural, and Natural Attractions Restaurants Amusement Parks Casinos Theatres and Arenas