USA Philosophy Club

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Philosophy Club at USA 

The Philosophy Club at the University of South Alabama is composed of students who are interested in informally discussing topics of philosophical interest. The Club is open to all interested USA students, faculty and staff. Source materials can include both philosophy texts as well as film, novels, multimedia, and even visual art.

In recent years, Club participation has extended to attending regional conferences such as the Alabama Philosophical Association Conference, and the Orange Beach Epistemology Conference. At times, club members have even presented at the Alabama Philosophical Association. Attendance and presentation at a professional conference can be an excellent way for philosophy majors interested in gaining admission to philosophy graduate school to strengthen their credentials.


There are no specific requirements for Philosophy Club membership, other than a connection to the University of South Alabama (as a student, faculty, or staff member).  The club is directed by three officers who are elected annually.

For information about club meetings, contact: