JHS Minor Requirements

Core Curriculum

In order to complete the Jewish & Holocaust Studies Minor at South Alabama, students will need to take 18 credit hours of courses. There are three core courses (9 credit hours) and three electives (9 credit hours) that must be completed.

The three core courses (taken in no particular order) are:

  • JHS 101 - Introduction to Jewish & Holocaust Studies
  • REL 200 - Introduction to the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
  • HY 347 - History of the Holocaust

These courses will provide a foundation for students in the field, and can be used as a launching point for exploration of issues related to Judaism (Jewish Religion), Jewish History, the History of the Holocaust, and the History of Genocide.

For a list of current offerings, please consult the following page: Current JHS Courses

Jewish & Holocaust Studies Electives

Students have a wide-range of courses from which to complete nine (9) credit hours of electives. Most courses will need approval of the Director, but there are some courses that do not need approval. These courses can be in any discipline at the University of South Alabama. All Jewish studies minors must select three of the following courses (minimum of 9 credit hours, 6 credit hours of which must be 300-level or higher).* 

*Note: Students must take at least one upper division course outside of their major discipline, and courses must be approved by the director, who will evaluate the course content for consideration within the Jewish and Holocaust Studies minor.

For director approval, please submit the following information (click here to submit):

  • Course name
  • A course syllabus
  • Instructor name and contact information

Here are representative lists of courses that could potentially fulfill the elective requirements:

▼   Courses that do not need Director approval
  • HY 348: Hitler and Nazi Germany

  • HY 382: Jewish and Modern American Culture (W Class)

  • JHS 390: Special Topics courses (varies by semester)

  • JHS 494: Readings in Jewish & Holocaust Studies
▼   Courses that do need Director approval
  • CA 343: Film History
  • CA 344: Film and TV Genres
  • EH 476: Studies in 20th Century Literature
  • HY 101 or HY 102: Western Civilization**
  • HY 135 or HY 136: American History surveys**
  • HY 335: History of Modern France
  • HY 337: History of Eastern Europe
  • HY 336: Central European History
  • HY 338: History of Russia
  • HY 351: Medieval Civilization, 950-1300
  • HY 354: Ancient Regime Europe
  • HY 356: European Civilization 1815-1918
  • HY 365: Islamic Civilization from 1453
  • HY 373 (REL 373): Religion in American History
  • HY 390: Special Topics courses (varies by semester)
  • HY 437: Modern US II since 1945
  • HY 494: Directed Studies
  • HY 496: Internship
  • IS 390: Special Topics courses (varies by semester)
  • LG 362: German Culture-Literature of the 19th Century
  • LG 363: Modern-Contemporary German Culture and Literature
  • LG 494: Directed Studies
  • LG 390: Special Topics courses (varies by semester)
  • MUM 390: Special Topics courses (varies by semester)
  • PSC 340: Race, Gender, and Politics
  • PSC 365: Middle East Politics
  • REL 242 (PHL 242): Western Philosophy Medieval
  • REL 390: Special Topics courses (varies by semester)
  • REL 420 (SY 420): Sociology of Religions

** As part of the minor, students may count HY101/102 or HY135/136 for only one of their three electives. Students must take at least two upper-level (300-level and higher) courses (6 credit hours) as part of their electives.