Hurricane Information

In the event that a hurricane is anticipated to affect the Gulf Coast, the University will activate its emergency communications channels and send timely updates to the University community.

Using the best available information from weather authorities projecting the strength and trajectory of hurricanes, the University will assess and act on the need for closing campus well before severe weather activity begins in the area, and far enough in advance of landfall for most students to travel home.

If a hurricane is anticipated to be severe enough to require the use of shelters, the University will officially suspend operations and evacuate its campus, at which time all events and classes will be canceled and only pre-designated essential personnel will be allowed to remain on campus.

In the event of a hurricane with university closure and mandatory evacuation announced, only residential students with a permanent address in a location which is father away than a 400-mile radius of campus may choose to remain and seek shelter in a University designated Best Available Refuge Area (BARA). The University’s Department of Housing will identify and notify those campus residents regarding sheltering procedures pursuant to University policy. All other students must make arrangements to travel to their home or other location until the University announces that it is safe to return to campus.

Because hurricane information can change quickly and it may not be possible for USA to provide updates during a storm, the University encourages students, faculty and staff to monitor official weather information disseminated to the public by the National Weather Service and use their best judgment about personal safety and travel.

For more information on hurricane preparedness and evacuation routes, please refer to the State of Alabama Emergency Management Agency site.