Student FAQ

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Mr. Mario Sheats, Interim Director

  • Faculty concerns other than testing
  • Medical Withdrawals
  • Accommodation concerns for students other than the sensory impaired
  • Special Parking
  • CEADR Advisory Board
  • ADA compliance and policy issues
  • Student behavioral concerns
  • Campus accessibility issue
  • Grievances
  • Note-taking requests & support

Mr. Eric Light, Accommodated Testing and Support Coordinator

  • ADA compliant testing accommodations
  • CEADR Faculty Portal Support

Mr. Micheal Evers, Sensory Impaired Technology Coordinator

  • Visual and hearing impaired student concerns
  • Integrating technology with Universal Design

Greta Washington, Secretary

  • Absentee verifications
  • Vendors
  • CEADR Webmaster 
 The service and emotional animal policy may be found here. 


The Center for Educational Accessibility & Disability Resources at University of South Alabama is committed to assisting faculty in any way possible to better facilitate a positive learning environment of all students.