In The Classroom

Student holding pen in classroom with other students.
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Classroom Accommodations

If you need classroom accommodations, please click here to be taken to our online accommodation application.

Disability Services may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Pre-admission counseling
  • Priority registration
  • Advocacy training
  • Alternative textbook acquisition 
  • Enlargements for visually impaired
  • Arrangements for Note takers
  • Interpreters
  • Alternative textbook acquisition 
  • Readers and scribes
  • Recorders in class
  • Test proctors
  • Extended testing time
  • Distraction-free testing environment
  • Liaison with Vocational Rehabilitation and Veteran Affairs

Accommodations are NOT retroactive. You will begin receiving accommodations once you are completely registered. Having a diagnosed disability does not necessarily mean you will qualify for academic accommodations. USA does not grant provisional accommodations.

If you have need of a service animal please be sure to read the Service Animal Policy.

The Center for Educational Accessibility & Disability Resources does not

provide financial aid, attendant (personal) care, or tutoring.