Note Taker Services

Looking through window onto campus.
"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another." - Charles Dickens 

An essential function of the note taking service is contact between the student and the note taker.  If you are selected as a note taker, we will provide your name and phone number to the student(s) that you are serving.  All notes are to be typed, saved in Microsoft Word format, and uploaded to the Note-Taker Network at least once a week.  Note takers will receive compensation at the end of the semester, so long as you upload notes in the required format each week of the semester.  Incomplete notes will not be compensated for.

Note:  Note Taker assignments are based upon the need from students registered with SDS.  Given such, there is a possibility you may not receive a note taking assignment.

Requirements to become a Note Taker: