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Office of Sponsored Projects Administration

▼   Evisions Research Suite Training

DESCRIPTION: Evisions Cayuse SP and 424 are components of the Evisions Research Suite (ERS) which will allow full electronic routing and proposal information at the University of South Alabama.

  • Cayuse SP is the proposal and award administration module that will replace the paper Transmittal Sheets. SP will electronically route proposals for necessary University approvals, monitor proposal status, and interface with post-award activity. All proposals at the University of South Alabama will begin in SP whether submitted electronically or by an alternate method. It is not, however, a submission module.
  • Cayuse 424 is the module through which most federal grant proposals can be created, reviewed for sponsor requirements, and electronically submitted by SPA. The 424 module is connected directly with Proposals are checked throughout development for compliance and when submitted, travel quickly to the directed federal agency.

IN-PERSON TRAINING: ERS Training Sessions will be offered in Fall 2019.

ONLINE RESOURCES: A training Powerpoint for Cayuse SP is available for download.

Office of Research Development

▼   ORED Internal Funding Applicant Process Workshop

DESCRIPTION: Required for both the Seed Grant in Support of the Arts and Humanities and the Research and Scholarly Development Grant Program, applicants must complete this 45 minute workshop that gives an overview of program requirements and expectations, delivers 'how-tos' for each part of the application, and introduces the web-based programs needed to complete the application (InfoReady, Cayuse SP, and Pivot).

Applicants who have not completed a workshop since Fall 2017 or later must attend, even if they have previously received an award.

IN-PERSON TRAINING: The workshop schedule and registration is available online.

▼   Fundamentals of Research Administration

DESCRIPTION: Research administrators have many responsibilities. Successful research administrators meet their responsibilities with a broad knowledge base and excellent personal interaction skills. The purpose of the Fundamentals of Research Administration program is to provide participants with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of sponsored projects administration using the interactive team-based learning approach.

Team Based Learning (TBL) is a special form of collaborative learning that creates a constructive, motivational environment. TBL is the USA's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) pedagogical strategy and an innovative format in which to present a professional development program. In fact, the Fundamentals of Research Administration program is the first professional development program at USA to be presented in this format. TBL is especially suited for research administration because it stresses individual preparedness, team work and constructive discussion to enhance understanding of program concepts. TBL is less focused on content transmission than on using program information to solve complex problems. And what do exceptional research administrators do best? They solve problems, they work well in teams and they facilitate activity and decision making with constructive, knowledge-based discussion.

The program offers 24 hours (12 two-hour modules) of in-class instruction.

Access to a laptop computer is required (some in-session application activities will require the use a laptop computer). The program will utilize USA Online, the USA on-line learning management system for resource management, assignment, notification and grade presentations. The individual, group and peer evaluation measures that are standard components of the TBL paradigm will contribute to the overall score. In addition, pre- and post-session assignments and a final exam will be factored into the calculation of the overall score.

Participants meeting the competency requirements (earning ≥ 80% = PASS) will receive a program certificate. The certificate entitles the participant to reimbursement of the cost of successfully completing a CRA/CRPA/CFRA exam within one year of participation in the program.

ELIGIBILITY: The Fundamentals of Research Administration program is intended for early career research administrators or those who are planning to take the CRA (Certified Examination for Research Administrator), CPRA (Certified Examination for Pre-Award Research Administrators) or CFRA (Certified Examination for Financial Research Administrators) within a year of completing the program.

  • Four years or less in present position or five to seven years in present position with intent to take the CRA exam in 2018;
  • Research Administration (pre and/or post-award) activities make up at least 60% of full-time effort;
  • Full-time employee;
  • Applicants must submit a signed letter of approval to participate from immediate supervisor.

Employees with more than eight years in a research administration position (at USA or elsewhere), or who are already CRA credentialed, are INELIGIBLE.

PROGRAM AND APPLICATION GUIDELINES: Enrollment was not high enough for the Fundamentals program to be conducted as a team-based learning class in 2018. Employees meeting the above qualifications who intend to take the CRA exam within a year can request access to the Fundamentals Knowledge Content. This USA Online site contains the course modules and resources for independent study. No instruction or support will be provided. Users of the knowledge content will not be eligible for reimbursement for the cost of a certification exam. Contact for more information. 

▼   Basics of Pivot and Gallery

DESCRIPTION: Pivot is a grant search service which gives you quick and easy access to funding opportunities. Pivot accelerates the research process by integrating funding and collaborator discovery into one powerful tool. Beyond connecting researchers to funding and collaborators, Pivot users are able to communicate and share these matches. The database is updated daily.

Both USA faculty and staff can create a login and search for funding on Pivot (faculty will want to see the instructions for claiming your Pivot account).

IN-PERSON TRAINING: The Office of Research Development offers individual and group training in the basics of Pivot and Gallery, USA's new Funding Opportunity and Expertise Search Engines, respectively. Contact to schedule a one-on-one meeting or group training event.

ONLINE RESOURCES: Basic instructions and resources are available online.

▼   Scholar Studio - NIH F31 & F32 Fellowship Proposal Development

DESCRIPTION: Predoctoral students and post-doctoral trainees and sponsors are invited to discuss the development of competitive F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award Application, and F32 Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award Applications. Discussions about other mechanisms are also welcome.

IN-PERSON TRAINING: The Scholar Studio is delivered upon request.