Angela Jordan

Assistant Director of Research Development
Research Innovation

Angela Jordan joined the Office of Research and Economic Development in 2016. Previously at USA she worked over three and a half years doing proposal development in the School of Computing. She has contributed to successful proposals to establish USA as an NSF I-Corps Site, and as an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science. She has also supported an NSF-funded multi-year project to provide mentoring for cybersecurity technology transfer.

Her current responsibilities include serving as Operations Manager for the MIT-licensed USA Venture Mentoring Partners, and she traveled with the team to Boston for Immersion Training in 2017.

In addition to Research Innovation, Angela also provides support to the Department of Research Development and Learning.

Her academic training is in English, being ABD for a PhD in literature from Indiana University and having a BA with a concentration in fiction writing from Northwestern University. At Indiana University she taught English for five years. She has also worked in non-profits and as a web designer.

She is an active member of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals. On campus, she participates in the American Association of University Women, has been a member of the Common Read Selection Committee since its inception, and serves on the planning committee for the annual Girls Exploring Math and Science half day workshop.

Angela Jordan
M-F 8-5
Ph: (251) 460-6507