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Employees can voluntarily elect vision coverage regardless of whether they are enrolled in medical. 

Our vision care benefits include coverage for eye exams, lenses and frames, contact lenses and discounts for laser surgery. The vision plan is built around the VSP provider network, who have higher benefits at a lower cost to you. When you need services, consider using an in-network provider for the most bang for your buck! Go to vsp.com to get benefit information when you need it! Once logged in, My Dashboard is your homepage. You’ll find a quick view of your benefit information, access to your claim history, and you can print your Member ID Card.

Create an account here: https://southalabama.vspforme.com

An electronic signature is acceptable, however for the electronic signature to be visible you must download the form, complete, sign and date, save and then submit as an attachment. You may also scan and e-mail the completed enrollment form to employeebenefitshr@southalabama.edu

A Look at Your Vision Coverage

▼   VSP Vision Care: Monthly Premiums

Monthly Premium:

Single coverage : $7.18 

Family Coverage : $19.82

▼   Value and Savings
Save on eyewear and eye care when you see a VSP network doctor. Plus, take advantage of Exclusive Member Extras which provide offers from VSP and leading industry brands totaling over $3,000 in savings.
▼   Provider Choices

Maximize your benefits at a Premier Program location, including thousands of private practice doctors and over 700 Visionworks retail locations nationwide.

VSP Premier Program Preferred private practice and retail in-network choices

▼   Quality Vision Care
You’ll get great care from a VSP network doctor, including a WellVision Exam®. An annual eye exam not only helps you see well, but helps a doctor detect signs of eye conditions and health conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure.
▼   Using Your Benefit is Easy!
Create an account at https://southalabama.vspforme.com/ to view your in-network coverage, find the VSP network doctor who’s right for you, and discover savings with exclusive member extras. At your appointment, just tell them you have VSP.
▼   Your VSP Vision Benefit Summary

Your VSP Vision Benefits Summary - Explained

Your VSP Vision Benefits Summary - PDF

University of South Alabama and VSP provide you with an affordable vision plan.

▼   A look at the Basics

What is vision insurance? Vision insurance provides coverage and savings on the cost of an annual eye exam, prescription eyewear and lenses, contact lenses, and other eye-related services.

What can vision insurance do for me?

See healthy and live happy. As a VSP© member, you get personalized care from a local VSP network doctor at low out-of-pocket costs.

  • Quality vision care you need for you and your family
  • A WellVision Exam© - an annual exam designed to detect signs of vision and health conditions
  • Access to exclusive offers from VSP and leading industry brands, totaling more than $3,000 in savings with Exclusive Member Extras
  • VSP members save an annual average of $470 - more money in your pocket

What does VSP vision insurance cover? Everyone needs an annual eye exam, and most families have at least one member who needs glasses or contacts. In addition to an annual eye exam, VSP covers lenses and lens enhancements with low copays or savings on standard pricing. Some plans also cover sunglasses. It’s easy to find (or keep seeing!) a nearby in-network doctor. Maximize your coverage with bonus offers and savings that are exclusive to Premier Program locations—including thousands of private practice doctors and Visionworks® retail locations nationwide. Using your VSP benefit is easy. There are no claims to file when you see a VSP provider for eye-related services.