Required Documentation

▼   What documents are required?

The initial FML paperwork requires a Leave of Absence Request form. The Leave of Absence Request form should be completed by the employee. If the employee is unavailable to complete the form, the supervisor should complete this form on behalf of the employee.

The supervisor will review, sign and date the completed leave of absence request form. (Electronic signatures are
accepted). The supervisor or employee will then email the request form to the HR contact person’s email address listed
on the form. No PA needed.

▼   Where is FML paperwork maintained?

FML paperwork will be kept confidentially in Human Resources in separate files. There should be no medical information maintained in the employee’s department personnel file.

▼   What documentation is required for the employee to return to work?
If the employee is out on leave for his/her own medical condition a return-to- work release is required. The University does not allow light or modified duty. If the release lists any restrictions, please contact Human Resources for review.