Private Student Loans


Students who do not qualify for federal student aid or who need additional funds beyond what federal student aid can provide have the option of applying for a private (or non-federal) student loan. Private student loans are generally more expensive and therefore should only be considered if absolutely necessary.


USA does not have a preferred lender list for private student loans. Students should carefully research the options and apply for the private student loan that best suits their needs.


In most cases,  the student applicant's credit (and their co-signer's credit, if applicable) must be approved by the lender. Students should be prepared provide any documentation requested by the private student loan lender and follow the application procedure that is specific to that loan. 


In addition, the student must be in good academic standing as defined by the University Registrar Office. The eligible loan amount can be not be greater than the Cost of Attendance minus all other aid received for each term.