Internships are closely monitored work experiences that integrate degree-related knowledge to practical real-world experience. Typically, one-time experiences either during a semester or over the summer that have structured learning outcomes. Students gain valuable applied experience and make connections in their field of interest.

▼   An internship
  • Is supervised by an industry professional
  • Is typically completed within one semester of the academic calendar
  • May be paid or unpaid
  • May be completed for academic credit
  • Has clearly defined learning objectives
▼   Benefits

Academic Credit Internship

It is possible to get academic credit for your internship from your academic department. Departments offer credit, however, policies differ greatly from one department to the next. Your internship must relate directly to your major and will require you to complete a research project, reflective paper, or presentation as part of the internship course.  Typically, internships are one-term experiences and can be paid or unpaid, full or part-time. 

Please note that some employers may require students receive academic credit for an unpaid internship in order to comply with Federal Guidelines.

▼   Requirements
  • In general, the requirements for internships vary.  
  • At a minimum a student must be an enrolled student at the University of South Alabama, including summer internships.
  • A faculty member must monitor and approve your internship. This may require approval from the dean of college or the department chair. The instructor may assign written work, meetings with faculty sponsors, seminars, or other activities.
  • A minimum GPA 2.0 is required, depending on the department.
  • Internship courses are taken for a letter grade and may be required by your college or department.
▼   Academic Internship Registration

The process for registering your academic internship varies by department.  Students are encouraged to first determine if your academic department or program offers an internship course for credit. You may contact the Coordinator for Internship Programs, Rory Beaco ( or the appropriate academic department for more information.

▼   Departmental Information

To pursue academic credit with a department or program at South Alabama, you should review the bulletin to explore your options and contact the relevant academic department(s). If your department doesn't have any options, you may be able to complete an internship as an elective or with another department that's related to your field of study. 

Below are links to departments providing internship information on their websites. 

Career Development Internship Program

Registering your internship with our office is an official way to note your experience on your transcript. Students can register if their employer requires recognition by the University or internship credit is not available through your academic department.

▼   Program Requirements
  • Students must be in good academic standing with the University
  • Institutional GPA of 2.0 or higher and this GPA must be maintained for the duration of participation in the program
  • A paid work experience in your major field of study
▼   Cooperative Education Course Registration
  • All students must register for the appropriate Cooperative Education (COE) course each work term. Course listings are found in the USA Bulletin under Co-op.
  • A $25 course fee will be added to your student student account when you register for the course.
▼   Supervisor Evaluations and Feedback
Internships are educational in scope; we communicate and monitor students’ progress throughout the term. Students submit evaluative assignments throughout the semester that reflect upon and summarize their work experiences and progress. Students also receive informal and formal feedback through the supervisory evaluation process.
▼   Academic Recognition

Students receive academic recognition through a transcript notation for participating in the Internship Program, though they do not earn academic credit hours. Employers and students appreciate this official recognition because it reflects a student’s desire to obtain practical work experience while pursuing the degree.

  • Although no credit hours are assigned to Internship courses, a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) is assigned at the end of each work term and will appear on the official University transcript.
▼   Intern of the Year
Upon graduation, those that have completed three or more internship terms are eligible for nomination for Intern of the Year. Application deadlines are shared via email to eligible students. Students may self-nominate or be nominated by their employer.