Searching for Jobs and Internships

Handshake 2-Minute Training Video - How to search for, save and apply for jobs in Handshake.


  1. Click on 'Jobs' from the top navigation bar.
  2. From here, there are various options available to view jobs and narrow your search.  
    Start your search broadly and check the results. Then, if necessary, begin to narrow your search one step at a time.

    Keyword: To search for jobs using keywords, use the search box at the top left to a few keywords (job title, employer, etc.) and click search.
    Filters: You may also filter your search using the terms on the screen (e.g. Full-Time Job, Part-Time, Internship, On-Campus).
    Location: If you are looking for a job/internship in a specific city, you can enter the city, state or zip code in the search box.

    View Handshake's article on How do I search for jobs and internships?
  3. To save a custom search, simply select your filter options, perform your search, and click on 'Save Your Search' for your search criteria to be saved. To edit the search and notification criteria select 'Edit Your Notifications'. and a pop-up screen will appear and you can name your search, select the method you would like to be notified as well as how often.  For more information about saved searches read Handshake's article How do I save a search? I
  4. f you need additional assistance, go to the Handshake Help Center

Safety Considerations When Job Searching

  1. Understanding job postings: How to Stay Safe on Handshake 
  2. Be aware of fraudulent job activity!