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USA Career Services is committed to providing Jaguars competitive career development opportunities throughout their time at the University of South Alabama and beyond. Our team is dedicated to seeing your student succeed in their education and career. We help students explore careers & majors, gain practical-related experience prior to graduation, and prepare them for their professional careers and graduate or professional school plans. We’re here to help create a path for your student’s future.

How Can You Help Your Student?

As a family member, we know you are invested in your student’s success at the University of South Alabama. There are many ways you can help your student get connected with USA Career Services. As early as their freshman year, students are encouraged to consult with a Career Advisor to begin formulating educational and career plans. Consider reviewing our Career Planning page and the 4-Year Career Success Plan with your student as part of their career development process.

▼   Exploring Careers and Majors

Career Services is available to assist your student in the process of researching and exploring careers and majors.  While not always an easy task, it is important for students to make the effort to research occupations and/or college majors in which they have an interest.  Remember, these interests may change over the next few years and that's OK!  Exploring information early in their academic career enables students to gain exposure to the many career opportunities and majors that are available to them.

Encourage your Jaguar student to:

  • Explore options and make a choice based on interest and enjoyment of coursework
  • Learn about requirements for possible majors by looking through the USA Bulletin, and discussing academic interests with academic advisors or faculty
  • Schedule regular career advising appointments with USA Career Services

Below are a few self-assessment tools offered to Jaguars. Feel free to review and share with your student.

Awato offers a comprehensive platform for career assessments, career and degree matching, and guided pathways. Interactive assessments help students discover ideal careers and degrees.

Focus2 is a self-paced, on-line career and educational planning tool that students can use to make important decisions like choosing an academic major or career.

What Can I Do With This Major? can be used to explore multiple majors or search for information about a chosen field, connecting majors to careers. Students can learn about the typical career areas and the types of employers that hire people with each major.

▼   Gain Experience

Encourage your student to seek out new experiences personally and academically. Diverse experiences will help prepare students for the world of work. Students can gain formal work experience through part-time and on-campus jobs, job shadowing, internships, and co-ops.

Our Internship and Co-op programs provide valuable experience and flexibility for both students and employers. These experiential learning opportunities help students to “test drive” industries of interest and acquire necessary experiences for a competitive, college-level resume. Learn more about program requirements here.

If your company or organization is interested in hosting an intern or co-op, please see our Employer Internships page.

Handshake is the university's platform to connect students, alumni, and employers.  This innovative platform can be used to discover information on jobs, internships, co-ops, events, and on-campus recruiting opportunities.

Students and alumni can access the Handshake - Students page for detailed instructions on using this platform.

Whether your student needs a resume to apply for scholarships or full-time employment opportunities, the resources from the Resume Writing page can help them create marketable and competitive career documents. This page highlights resume resources including Candid Career Videos, Awato, and Vault, just to name a few.

▼   Upcoming Events
We offer several professional development workshops, career fairs, and events for your student to participate in each semester. Visit our Career Fairs & Events page to see the upcoming schedule of events. Additionally, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Support & Partnership Opportunities

USA Career Services offers opportunities for individuals and organizations to demonstrate their commitment to Jaguars through hiring, mentoring, and sponsorship opportunities. Contact our office at (251) 460-6188 or if you are interested in further supporting USA Career Services.


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