Partnering with Career Services

Intern & Co-op COVID-19 Guidelines for Faculty

Faculty Partners

USA Career Services believes that building a strong and supportive relationship with our campus partners is essential to helping our South Alabama Jaguar community. We rely on our Faculty and Staff partners to help spread our message and connect us with students. Explore the content on this page and the tabs to the right to learn more.

Support Students In Their Career Readiness

  • Share the importance of reflecting on strengths, interest, and values.
  • Talk to your students about transferable skills. You can even mention them in your syllabus!
  • Share your personal experience, understanding that the workforce and workplace are constantly evolving.
  • Serve as a mentor, coach, or cheerleader as your students navigate college and the transition to the workforce or graduate school.
  • Create an assignment for students to make an appointment with a Career Services team member or to attend a Career Services event.
  • Refer students to USA Career Services!