Black Alumni Society

Members of the Black Alumni Society tailgating.


The mission of the Black Alumni Society (BAS) is to work cooperatively with the USA National Alumni Association to provide comprehensive programs, services and resources to benefit the University, its alumni and students.


The purpose of the BAS is to work with the USA National Alumni Association to foster and maintain an active relationship between alumni, students, friends, community and the University and to develop an image that ensures the integrity and principles of South.


The Black Alumni Society functions under the University of South Alabama National Alumni Association and was created in 2018.

Black Alumni Society Awards

▼   Trailblazer Outstanding Achievement Award
Honor exemplary Black alumni who have served on the USA Board of Trustees, Student Government Association, Black Student Union and as USA faculty and staff. This award also honors outstanding achievement in their careers or professions. Two recipients will be recognized each year.
▼   Hall of Fame Achievement Award
Recognizes three dedicated black alumni who have engaged in community service and made major contributions to their hometown communities or current cities of residence.
▼   Sponsorships

Support the Black Alumni Society by sponsoring the 2020 Black Alumni Society Awards. Complete a sponsorship form (PDF). For more information, contact Loretta Donaldson, BAS Secretary, at