Maurice Chavarry Sr.

Immigration Manager
Office of Immigration

Where are you from originally?

Newark, New Jersey


Working with my hands; outdoor activities.

Bucket list items

Scuba and snorkel the Tortuga with my eldest brother, visit France, England, Italy, Spain, and hike Mount Sitkin.

What countries have you visited?

Philippines, Australia, Kuwait, Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Bahrain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China, and Thailand. 

Which is your favorite place to visit and why?

My favorite place visited was Alaska because of the breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and air quality.

What is your favorite food?

Just about any Puerto Rican dish, when it’s cooked right - arroz con gandules, pasteles, bacalaítos, tostones, etc.

What do you like about working with international students and scholars?

The experience expands my understanding of humanity and our many cultures, making me a better person.

If you could recommend one thing to do in Mobile and the surrounding area, what would it be and why?

Take a trip to the Delta 5 Rivers located on the Causeway in Mobile, AL.  You will see nature up close and the activities are always a delight for all ages.

Maurice Chavarry Sr.