Faculty Senate Resolution
Vacation Policy


Whereas the University of South Alabama contributes to the State retirement system on behalf of its Faculty at a rate equal to that of other state-supported Alabama universities and

Whereas most, if not all, other Alabama universities have already implemented Vacation policies and

Whereas the University of South Alabama Faculty are equally deserving of this benefit

Be it Resolved that the USA Faculty Senate recommends the implementation of a Faculty Vacation policy with the following provisions:

  1. Vacation will accrue at a rate of 2 days per month of service.

  2. Vacation time can accumulate up to 44 days, vacation over 44 days can continue to accrue but must be taken within the calendar year of accumulation (exception, see #4 below).

  3. At retirement or upon leaving the institution, faculty will receive a cash benefit equal to the amount of unused vacation time.

  4. Vacation that accumulates over 44 days can be converted to sick days and used as credit toward retirement.



Adopted Nov. 18, 1998.


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