Faculty Senate Resolutions regarding Proration
Introduced March 5, 2001

Whereas the State of Alabama is in the midst of an unusually serious crisis for the funding of education in the State;

Whereas the Governor has indicated he intends to fully fund K-12 salaries and reduce funding to the State's colleges and universities to accomplish that objective;

Whereas education at all levels is critical to the economic welfare and future of Alabama and its citizens;

Be it Therefore Resolved that the Faculty Senate of the University of South Alabama calls upon the Governor and the Legislature of the State of Alabama to address the needs of all levels of education in the State by requiring local support of K-12 institutions; by addressing tax inequities in the State of Alabama; and by adequately and consistently funding all levels of education in the State.

Second Faculty Senate Resolution on Proration

Whereas the proposal to reduce funding to higher education to the extent suggested by the Governor and others would have dire consequences for the University of South Alabama and all institutions of higher education in Alabama;

Whereas the University community must develop constructive ways to address the current financial crisis facing the University which will best preserve the mission of the University and assure the highest quality of education for its students;

Be It Therefore Resolved that the Chair of the Faculty Senate of the University of South Alabama appoint a broadly representative Select Committee to meet with others appointed by the President of the University of South Alabama.

Be It Further Resolved that the Select Committee report to the President of the University, the Senate Executive Committee, and the Senate and University community on the possible contributions and sacrifices that the faculty and staff of the University may be called upon to make to address the economic crisis facing the University of South Alabama now and in the future and how best to implement the changes that must be made.

Both resolutions were approved (41,0,0): March 5, 2001