Faculty Senate Resolution Concerning Intellectual Property Rights
Introduced October 18, 2000

Resolution: WHEREAS the rapid growth in distance learning has created several new issues arising from this unique method of delivering the curriculum, and

WHEREAS the University of South Alabama (USA) current Policy on Intellectual Property for On-line Development posted on the Faculty Senate webpage is actually an agreement requiring mandatory signature by faculty prior to teaching an on-line course and includes forfeiture of faculty rights, and

WHEREAS the current distance learning agreement between faculty and administration was written without appropriate Faculty Senate review, and

WHEREAS a letter from the chair of the Senate Policy and Faculty Handbook Committee written in April 2000 to the chair of the Distance Learning Committee raising several issues remains unanswered, and

WHEREAS issues of workload, intellectual property rights, academic freedom, legal liability, and the rights of non-tenured faculty related to distance learning have not been properly addressed by the Faculty Senate,

BE IT RESOLVED that a university committee be formed to address these issues to develop a fair and equitable policy to be presented to the Faculty Senate.

Resolution passed. (Unanimously): November 15, 2000