WHEREAS, instead of being applauded for their work, Alabama’s universities are forced to fight to prevent appropriations from being reduced, facilities from being closed and accomplishments from being overlooked;

WHEREAS, the result of the reduced support for higher education is catastrophic for our state;

WHEREAS, fewer of our citizens will have the opportunity to prepare for competition in the world’s economy;

WHEREAS, Alabama’s institutions and the livelihood of their employees are being threatened by reduced appropriations and misrepresentations;

WHEREAS, the decline in public appreciation for higher education is making it difficult for universities to recruit quality students and maintain a top faculty;

WHEREAS, faculty and staff are required to work for low salaries and in out-dated facilities;

WHEREAS, Alabama families and students are forced to make even greater sacrifices because of increasing tuition cost;

WHEREAS, the State of Alabama’s future depends on all of us;

WHEREAS, the fifteen four-year colleges and universities in the State of Alabama have forced the Higher Education Partnership whose mission is to advocate the importance of higher education in bettering the lives of people in Alabama and whose goals are to identify, recruit, organize and unite advocates of higher education;  to advocate the needs and effectively communicate the importance of higher education to the people of Alabama and its leaders; and to promote new education partnerships to improve quality of life for citizens of Alabama;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of South Alabama heartily endorse the efforts of the Higher Education Partnership and call on all faculty members who are not currently members, to join the Higher Education Partnership at this time.


Adopted unanimously Sept. 16, 1998


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