WHEREAS, through his leadership and vision, the University of
South Alabama has developed into a comprehensive institution of higher
education with four campuses made up of nine colleges and schools, including

 a College of Medicine and affiliated hospitals, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Whiddon was instrumental in creating the University of South

Alabama Foundation for the long-term benefit of the University, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Whiddon was accorded numerous honors by civic and
educational organizations, among them the Outstanding Young Man of Alabama
(1964), one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of America (1965),
Outstanding Administrator in Alabama (1981), Mobilian of the Year (1988),
Tree of Life Award by the Jewish National Fund (1982), and honorary Doctor
of Letters by his alma mater, Emory University (1991), and

WHEREAS, Dr. Whiddon's vision dramatically changed the course of
the history of Mobile for the better whereby the creation of the
University of South Alabama offered a highly respected and viable option
for higher learning in the south Alabama area, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Whiddon's legacy is the University of South Alabama
as it stands today as a respected institution of higher learning,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the USA Faculty Senate expresses its
deep appreciation and indebtedness for the extraordinary achievements of
Dr. Frederick P. Whiddon as a distinguished leader in the field of higher
education and for his career of dedicated service as President of the
University of South Alabama, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the USA Faculty Senate, on behalf of the
entire faculty of the University, conveys its deepest sympathy and most
sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Whiddon.


Approved 7/17/02