Vicki L. Tate
Chair’s Goals


     My main goal is to help make the Faculty Senate more relevant to the needs of the faculty.  The issues we address should reflect the interests and concerns of the faculty in general.  This year we will be looking at suggestions for changes in the promotion and tenure procedures, ways of improving faculty retention, and enhancing communication between faculty and administration.  To this end, the Senate will be sponsoring at least three “town meetings”, each individually focusing on a specific issue of concern for faculty.  Topics that have been suggested so far are:  1) ways of enhancing faculty rights in the tenure process; 2) looking at the role that instructors and non-tenure faculty play at this university and their rights; and 3) addressing the research needs and opportunities available to faculty in light of the new position for Vice President of Research.  The primary purpose for these meetings is to allow a cross-section of faculty members a chance to voice their concerns, ideas, and suggestions for improvement.

Also, I hope to bring a sense of order to the organization, and with it a clear understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of being a senator.  With our constantly changing membership, we lose a sense of continuity from one term to the next.  We spend much of the first part of each term getting a sense of where we are, rather than moving forward.  It is my hope that by enhancing our web pages, making them a better and more complete repository of information, new incoming senators will know what has been done and will be ready to take on the new challenges before us.


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