John J. Sachs USA Faculty Senate Chair’s Report

For October 15th, 2008 Faculty Senate Meeting

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting October 1st, 2008

  1. The revision of the Non-Reappoint Resolution has been completed and will be voted on
    by the entire Faculty Senate at our September 15th meeting.
  2. The search for the Vice-President of Academic Affairs has begun and we are in the
    process of having video interviews with 9 candidates. The committee will complete the
    interviews by November 1st and invite approximately 5 candidates to the campus.
  3. The Senate Executive Committee discussed the Conflict of Interest/Conflict of
    Commitment Policy with Dr. Russ Lea. The Executive Committee believe that Policy and
    Procedures are designed to encourage the Faculty to continue to engage in professional
    unpaid and paid activities while protecting the University and individual Faculty from
    being accused of engaging in unethical behavior. Dr. Russ Lea will attend the September
    15th meeting to answer any questions prior to our vote.
  4. We have held two Town hall meetings, one at the College of Education and one at the
    University Terrace. We had 18 participants at the College of Education and 5 at the
    Terrace. On October 15th we are holding our third meeting at the College of Nursing. The
    meetings, while small, were productive and enlightening. The minutes of the meetings
    will be discussed during our next Executive Board Meeting. Based upon our review the
    Executive Committee will provide the Senate with a summary and agenda of items that
    the Senate may wish to address. The Town Hall meetings were advertized and covered in
    the Mid Week Memos.
  5. The Chair of the Faculty Senate attended a meeting hosted in Montgomery by the Higher
    Education Partnership. The Senate Chairs from the various Universities in Alabama
    attended this meeting. The main discussion was how university faculty from across the
    entire state could help support the passage of Amendment 1 which is to help soften the
    blow that would be created by proration. We will have a presentation by the Higher
    Education Partnership at our November Meeting.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting with President Moulton

October 9th, 2008

  1. Scott Weldon presented a comprehensive assessment of the financial status of the USA
    Foundation and the funding patterns that have occurred over the past decade.
  2. We discussed the impact of the current Pre-existing Condition Policy on hiring of
    Faculty. While the administration knows that in some cases that this policy sometimes is
    a disincentive to prospective faculty, the costs of eliminating the policy is cost
    prohibitive. We discussed the possibility of providing financial assistance to faculty for a
    one year time period, but this would expose the university to legal liabilities.
  3. We discussed the problem of the August 15th hiring date of new faculty leaves little time
    for orientation and in some instances faculty are on campus before their contract begins.
    We discussed starting the semester a week later and ending the academic year a week
    later. We are going to survey the faculty regarding this concept. In the meantime there
    seems to be a problem for the registrar as it relates to having official transcripts
    completed for graduating students. Dr. Moore has indicated that need to rectify the
    situation and that we need to review the concept of modifying the calendar and other
    options e.g., paying new faculty to start one week earlier.
  4. We were informed by Carl Moore that he Workload Resolution which was developed by
    the Policy and Handbook Committee and submitted to the Deans Council was passed.
  5. President Moulton agreed that the equity adjustment policy should be revisited and that a
    committee should be established to work on revising the current equity adjustment

Respectfully submitted
John J. Sachs, Chair
Faculty Senate

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