John J. Sachs
USA Faculty Senate Chair’s Report
For July16th, 2008 Faculty Senate Meeting

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting July 2nd, 2008

  1. Vice­President of Research Russ Lea's presentation on the Conflict of Interest Policy to the Executive Committee was extremely informative and an important issue. Consequently, the committee decided to ask Dr. Lea to make a presentation to the entire Senate on July, 16th, 2008.
  2. The University Ad­Hoc committee for addressing the Non­Reappointment Resolution from the Faculty Senate met to review a compromise proposal from the Deans Council. We have agreed in principal on the concepts contained in the document and are developing a formal resolution to be voted on by the Senate.
  3. The Executive Committee forwarded the proposed Workload Resolution to President Moulton, Carl Moore, Interim Vice­President of Academic Affairs, and Ronald D. Franks, Vice­President for Health Sciences.
  4. I had an initial meeting with the administration and Keith Ayres to discuss Senate visibility. Keith Ayres made some suggestions and asked if he could present some of his ideas to the Executive Committee and President Moulton. The Executive Committee believed that would be a good idea and we arranged for the meeting with President Moulton.
  5. In a meeting with Human Resources it became apparent that there is specific information that new and veteran faculty should be aware, as well as prospective faculty. We decided to add a link to the Senate Webpage that would provide specific information about employee benefits (See Useful Websites for Faculty on the senate webpage). In addition, Human Resources developed a fact sheet with common questions and answers which will soon be on the senate webpage.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting with President Moulton July 9th, 2008

  1. Keith Ayres presented some excellent ideas on how the administration would be able to facilitate the Senate’s ability to communicate more effectively with the faculty e.g., dedicating a section within the mid­week memo for the Faculty Senate.
  2. Keith Ayres presented the Faculty Senate and President Moulton with an architectural rendering of the University Club
  3. The Executive Committee suggested that the administration and senate develop an Ad­Hoc Committee to identify the policies and procedures for operating the facility when it is completed. The projected date for completion of the building is Dec. 31, 2008, but President Moulton suggested that date may be an optimistic projection by the construction company.
  4. The administration indicated they have received the “Workload Resolution” and will be reviewing the document and respond in the near future.
  5. The Executive Committee informed President Moulton that on July 16th, 2008, Russ Lea, Vice­President of Research will be making a presentation to the Faculty Senate about the Conflict of Interest Policies/Procedures and other pertinent issues revolving around this issue.

The Executive Committee informed President Moulton that during the September Faculty Senate Meeting – Ronnie Arrow & Joey Jones will be making a presentation to the Faculty Senate about their efforts to meet the academic needs of our student athletes.

  1. The Executive Committee informed President Moulton that we intend to hold 3 Senate Town Hall Meetings in October of 2008.
  2. We discussed the issue of the USA Foundation funding practices and requested that the Senate be provided with specific data so that we could be more informed about this important issue. President Moulton indicated that the administration would be willing to provide us with a presentation focusing on national data on foundation contribution practices?


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