Chair’s Report

February 16, 2005


The Senate Executive Committee met with President Moulton on February 9. We presented the Senate Resolution commending the administration and the Foundation for increasing the funding to graduate assistants and discussed a number of items. One focused on the lack of communication with faculty regarding the environmental impact of construction. The President, on the one hand, ensured us that he does everything possible to work with the architects and construction crews to protect as much of the natural environment as possible. Yet, on the other hand, he expressed some frustration at the number of trees lost during construction. We requested better cooperation, emphasizing that if the faculty know more about the plans, then we may be able to play a more active and supportive role.

We also sought information on a number of matters. Some remain pending since Dr. Covey was unable to attend our meeting.

On other matters, the change to the Withdrawal date continues to linger and its fate is unclear. Despite our discussion and recommendation to set the date at the end of week 9, the task force, amidst opposition from student representatives, agreed subsequently to a proposal to move it back to week 12. The Senate Executive Committee, however, has rejected that proposal and stands by the Senate’s original decision.

The Senate has recommended Doug Haywick to the Graduate Dean search committee and Vaughn Millner to the search committee for the Associate VP for Academic Affairs.

Finally, The Alabama Council of University Faculty Presidents (ACUFP) will hold their spring meeting on March 3-4 in Montgomery in conjunction with Higher Education Day. The agenda includes meetings with Rep. Richard Lindsey, Mike Malone of ACHE, Bill Meehan from the Council of Presidents, Gordon Stone of HEP and Bill Jones, a UA system lobbyist. I will include what a learn in the next report.


Stephen Morris
Chair, Faculty Senate


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