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Policy No: 2093
Responsible Office: Human Resources
Last Review Date: 10/19/2022
Next Required Review: 10/19/2027
Policy No: 2093
Responsible Office: Human Resources
Last Review Date: 10/19/2022
Next Required Review: 10/19/2027

Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) Leave

1. Purpose

This policy provides information about the availability and use of Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) leave of absence.

2. Applicability

This policy applies to regular staff employees and faculty of the University General Division and USA Health.

3. Definitions


4. Policy Guidelines

If you are a regular employee of the University of South Alabama, and you are a member of a Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), upon activation, you are entitled to a military leave of absence for all days engaged in field or coast defense or other training or service ordered under the National Defense Act, the Public Health and Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, or of the federal laws governing the United States reserves.

In accordance with Alabama Code 31-2-13 § (2010), regular employees who are members of the National Disaster Medical System shall be granted up to 168 hours of paid military leave per calendar year when activated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in response to a disaster, major emergency, special event, federal exercise or official training. Sick leave, vacation and PTO (as applicable) will continue to accrue during this time period. If your regularly scheduled work day is at least four hours but less than eight hours, you will receive military leave pay based on your full time equivalent (FTE, which is the fraction of a full-time 40 hour work week that you were hired to work).

5. Procedures

5.1  Application

Should you be ordered to duty, you should provide your supervisor with a copy of your orders as soon as possible in advance of the scheduled duty, and a completed Leave of Absence Request form as applicable:

University General Division Employees (Campus):

USA Health Employees:

5.2  DMAT Pay

Except as noted above concerning additional military service covered by Alabama Code Section 31-2-13, et seq., after the first 168 hours of military leave per calendar year, any additional DMAT leave will be without pay or may be charged to vacation or PTO at the discretion of the employee, subject to departmental approval.

5.3  Employee Benefits While on DMAT

The benefits which you have earned prior to your leave remain while you are on leave, but no additional benefits such as sick leave, vacation or PTO are accrued during unpaid DMAT leave. Length of service will continue to accumulate during unpaid DMAT leave, but will not be used when computing sick pay benefits, vacation, PTO (as applicable) or for retirement purposes.

Your group medical, life and disability insurance may be continued while you are in a DMAT leave of absence status. However, if you are in an unpaid status, you must pay the total cost of these benefits. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for payment to continue your coverages with the Payroll Office prior to beginning a leave of absence.

6. Enforcement

Human Resources Department owns and administrates the provisions of this policy. Failure to abide by terms of this policy may jeopardize a staff employee’s ability to quality for the benefit.

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