Manage Your Stress

Person on couch speaking to doctor.

How is your Mental Health?

Mental health is equally as important as physical health. Why is focusing on your mental health so important? Well, there are a number of reasons - one of which relates directly to what is important to every student at USA – Academic Success. Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety have been shown to be strong negative predictors of academic outcomes such as persistence/retention and grade point average (GPA). Other reasons to focus on your mental health – by doing so you are able to cope with the stressors in your life more effectively, enhance your physical health, develop meaningful relationships and realize your full potential. We all struggle at times but the good news is that there are a number of very effective interventions for depression, anxiety and stress so it is important to reach out sooner than later if you notice you are struggling on campus in any area of functioning – academic, social or emotional.